Lip Makeup

Want to know how to get flawless lips? And what is the best lip makeup? It all comes down to the lip gloss, lip balm and lip liner you choose. Find the best long lasting lipstick, the best matte lipstick, the best liquid lipstick and the best lip stain by YSL Beauty right here.

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What is the best lip makeup?

For a big meeting or an even bigger night out, you need the best long lasting lipstick, because no beauty look is complete without lip makeup. Whether you prefer to wear natural lip makeup or a high-shine lip gloss, we have the best long lasting lipstick right here.

How to get flawless lips?

So, want our secret of how to get flawless lips? First, prime your lips with a lip balm before setting the stage with a lip liner. Then you’ll want to find the best matte lipstick, the best liquid lipstick or the best lip stain for the job. With so many lip makeup formulas and finishes to choose from, including natural lip makeup and trendy shades that let you speak without saying a word, it’s impossible to choose just one. Building up your lipstick library will make sure you have the perfect lip makeup look for every occasion.

Do you want an on-trend matte look? Our Tatouage Couture is both the best matte lipstick and the best lip stain you’ll find at YSL Beauty. It offers a high pigmentation matte stain with eight hours of wear in an unbelievable naked lip feel. It’s unlike any lip gloss you’ve tried before, and truly our best liquid lipstick. For even more lip makeup newness, try Rouge Pur Couture The Slim. This lip makeup offers the casual finish of our best matte lipstick in a leather-matte finish with the high precision application of a lip liner. Or, try our iconic Rouge Pur Couture, a natural lip makeup available in our widest selection of shades that’s so hydrating, it feels just like your favourite lip balm. Rouge Pur Couture was the first lipstick to create a scandal when it was introduced back in 1978, and today it’s known for being our best long lasting lipstick. You’ll want one of these on you at all times.

To truly reap the lip conditioning benefits of a lip balm, nothing beats our Rouge Volupté Shine. Made with a blend of six voluptuous oils, it treats lips with antioxidant-rich pomegranate extract and conditions with macadamia butter. As our first glide-and-go colour lipstick, there’s no need to use a lip liner here, unless you want to! But our best lip stain also happens to be our very first lip stain, and is the best liquid lipstick formula we have. The Vinyl Cream Lip Stain has a high-shine finish that’s far more pigmented than your typical lip gloss. Use its unique pointed tip applicator for a high precision application. This is notice-me lip makeup that will always make a statement.

Still wondering what is the best lip makeup? Or how to get flawless lips? Choose your type (liquid lipstick, matte lipstick, long lasting lipstick, lip stain, lip gloss, lip liner) and your finish (ultra matte lipstick, matte lipstick, satin lipstick, shine lipstick or high shine lipstick) before finding just the right shade. A lip liner can make your application even more precise, while regularly using a lip balm will keep your lips smooth as silk.

Rouge Pur Couture Dazzling Lights Edition
Highly pigmented color, intense hydration & antioxidant care

$ 45.00

Rouge Pur Couture No. 19 - Fuchsia Collection
ROUGE PUR COUTURE N°19 LE FUCHSIA in a limited edition. Pure colour - satiny radiance - couture finish

$ 45.00

Tatouage Couture The Metallics - Gold Attraction Edition
High pigment matte metallic liquid lip stain - long-lasting - ultra precise application

$ 45.00

Collector Palette Dazzling Lights Edition
A multi-use palette to light up your face, sparkle your eyes and your lips

$ 100.00

Lip Palette Collector
Lip Palette Collector: 5 emblematic YSL shades for lips. The ultimate fashion accessory.

$ 78.00

Baby Doll Kiss & Blush - Summer Look 2018
A new red plum shade to color your lips & cheeks in a one and only gesture!

$ 45.00

Plump-Up Pop Water


VERNIS À LÈVRES PLUMP-UP, a new moisturising volumiser with a long wear effect.

$ 45.00

Put pillowy lips under the spotlight; give that Cupid’s bow the highlight it deserves. Use the lip lighter for voluminous lips that rock the dance floor long after dark.
Benefits : A naughty accomplice to subtle seduction. Born from a trend spotted on the runways, DESSINS DES LÈVRES LIP LIGHTER is the first lip strober by YSL Beauté allowing women to sculpt their lips with light. Luminous, defined lips and 3D plumping effect

$ 37.00

Dessin Des Lèvres - Lip Definer
A translucent hero; a true under-the-radar star that makes lipstick feathering a thing of the past.
Gliding onto lips, it fills in lines as it goes – then drenches skin in an addictive moisture.
Match-make it with your favorite lipstick for naughty lips that stay perfect – far longer than they should.
Smooth lips and a lipstick that won't budge, no matter what.

$ 37.00