Created by perfumers Nathalie Lorson, Marie Salamagne, Honorine Blanc and Olivier Cresp, BLACK OPIUM plays on the intense pay-off that happens when darkness meets sweet luminescence.

As addictive as that first shot of caffeine, with electrifying white flowers to tie it all together, this new generation oriental gourmand is a radical move away from the structure of the classic perfume, and instead is inspired by the artistic movement of the “chiaroscuro”, where the emphasis is on the contrast and tension between light and dark.

Playing on the incongruity between the bitterness of the coffee bean accord, an ingredient never used before in such a high quantity in a feminine fragrance and radiant white flowers, BLACK OPIUM gives a sensation of light-headedness, bordering on ecstasy. First there is the wake-up call.

The coffee bean note hits you hard, jolting the senses. Next, it becomes softer and more feminine with the white flowers of jasmine sambac and absolu of fleur d’oranger to finish incredibly addictive and emboldened by the ambrosial appeal of vanilla and the woody notes of cedar and patchouli, giving a roundness, depth, and mysterious elegance.

This play on light and dark is instantly subversive, piquing the curiosity of all who come near; inviting them back for more; willing players all in an olfactory game with an intense pay-off.

Audacious? Perhaps. Addictive, electrifying? Definitely.