Lip Liner

Wearing lip liner can take your lip look to the next level. What is the best lip liner? Where to apply lip liner? Our best lip liner is a long lasting lip liner. Wear our lip liner without lipstick or wear our liquid lipstick with lip liner. Find brown, black and neutral lip liner right here!

Lip Liner
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Lip Liner


What is best lip liner?

Lip liner is the unsung hero of the lip category, but it’s totally the secret to taking your lip look from amateur hour to pro job. If you’re new to lip liner, chances are you have some questions about it. Like, what is the best lip liner? And where to apply lip liner? Long lasting lip liner is incredibly versatile. You can apply it in several different ways and wear it with different lipstick formulas, like liquid lipstick with lip liner and lipstick with lip liner. You can even wear lip liner without lipstick! Now that we’ve got your attention, keep reading to learn more about our best lip liner formulas, where to apply lip liner? And what is the best lip liner? You’ll want to know more about your favourite shades of lip liner, like brown lip liner, black lip liner and neutral lip liner. There’s a lip liner out there for every preference, and it’s definitely something you need to add to your personal makeup kit. Why? Lip liner will outlines, redefines, and colour your lips. When the goal is ensuring that lipstick lasts longer, you definitely need to wear your liquid lipstick with lip liner. Lip liner defines the lip contour and lasts all day, without smudging or feathering.

First, meet our top lip liner: Dessin Des Lèvres Lip Liner. This long lasting lip liner is the perfect finish to any look. It’s a precision pencil that will define and shape your lips with its creamy and rich colour. Worn as a lipstick with lip liner, it prevents lipstick from feathering and fading. It also can be worn as a liquid lipstick with lip liner and will do the same thing: keep your liquid lipstick where you want it to be. Available as a brown lip liner, neutral lip liner and gradation black lip liner, it has a velvety texture that glides on smoothly to create impeccable lines in a long-lasting coverage. Yes, wear it as a lipstick with lip liner or liquid lipstick with lip liner and it will be the perfect complement to your favourite YSL lip colour. And if you want, you can wear this lip liner without lipstick.

Where to apply lip liner?

Line your lips and define lip contours to help with lipstick application and to keep lipstick from feathering. Or, you can even fill in the entire lip and apply your favourite lipstick shade. Wearing your lipstick with long lasting lip liner will give it even more staying power. It’s an insider tip that you’re going to love. To make the most of your lip liner application, start by prepping the lips ahead of time. Always use a lip balm on the regular to make sure your lips stay hydrated. You can apply lip balm at the start of your lip liner application to make sure that your lips are in tip-top shape. If they’re too balmy, blot with a tissue. And be sure to match your lip liner to your lipstick shade by choosing a colour like brown lip liner, black lip liner or neutral lip liner. Next, start applying the lip liner to your Cupid’s bow and draw whichever shape you’d like. You can stick to your natural shape, or exaggerate the lip contours for added drama. With our lip liner, you won’t need to press hard to get the desired coverage. Hold the liner so the tip is pointing up and the side of the pencil is also on the lips for added coverage. Now, you’re ready to add lipstick! Or wear this lip liner without lipstick. What is the best lip liner? It’s right here.

Put pillowy lips under the spotlight; give that Cupid’s bow the highlight it deserves. Use the lip lighter for voluminous lips that rock the dance floor long after dark.
Benefits : A naughty accomplice to subtle seduction. Born from a trend spotted on the runways, DESSINS DES LÈVRES LIP LIGHTER is the first lip strober by YSL Beauté allowing women to sculpt their lips with light. Luminous, defined lips and 3D plumping effect

$ 40.00

Dessin Des Lèvres - Lip Definer
A translucent hero; a true under-the-radar star that makes lipstick feathering a thing of the past.
Gliding onto lips, it fills in lines as it goes – then drenches skin in an addictive moisture.
Match-make it with your favorite lipstick for naughty lips that stay perfect – far longer than they should.
Smooth lips and a lipstick that won't budge, no matter what.

$ 40.00