Lip Gloss With Color

Our best lip gloss comes in such beautiful colours, like pink lip gloss. Lip gloss with color also comes in some amazing formulas, like liquid lipstick with gloss, lip stain with gloss, lacquer lip gloss and glitter lip gloss. What is the best lip gloss with color? Our best lip gloss gives you gorgeous glossy lips!

Lip Gloss With Color
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Lip Gloss With Color


Finally, there’s no reason why you have to choose between the shine of a lip gloss and the colour of a lipstick. It’s easy to find yourself a lip product that can do both when you use a lip gloss with color.

What is the best lip gloss with color?

There are endless options for glossy lips using a lip gloss with color. Experiment with different formulas to find your favourite, like a long lasting lip gloss, liquid lipstick with gloss, lip stain with gloss or lacquer lip gloss. Each has its own feel and finish, and you’ll probably decide that you want one of each, because a girl needs options. Try out different finishes and colours, like a glitter lip gloss or pink lip gloss, and you’ll find a lip gloss with color for every occasion.

Some of our best lip gloss formulas are made in amazing colours, like Volupté Liquid Colour Balm lip gloss. Yes, this is an amazing long lasting lip gloss, but it also cares for your lips just like a lip balm does. Available in pink lip gloss, it is powered by a 35 percent active water phase, vitamins, antioxidants and skin care ingredients to deliver a high performing, long-lasting lip care. It’s also infused with coconut water and Moroccan pomegranate extract for bonus antioxidants and has a signature mango fragrance — it’s super addictive. Your glossy lips come care of the active liquid light complex and liquid pigment technology that gives off a bright luminous colour with dewy shine. It’s not quite a glitter lip gloss, but its shine is like none other. What is the best lip gloss with color? Read on for more liquid lipstick with gloss, lip stain with gloss and lacquer lip gloss options.

For a long lasting lip gloss, look no further than Vinyl Cream Lip Stain lip gloss. This lip stain with gloss boasts a comfortable, vinyl shine that’s in a class all by itself. It’s got vinylized colours made with intense pigments so your pink lip gloss will be as intense as it gets. This lacquer lip gloss is incredibly slick but also has a long-lasting stain like wear, so you get the best of both worlds. Apply it with its incredible slimline applicator for a highly precise look. The Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain lip gloss, meanwhile, is a truly unique liquid lipstick with gloss. What is the best lip gloss with color? This long lasting lip gloss gives you the glossy lips of a glitter lip gloss with the intensity of a lipstick and the long-wear of a stain. It’s truly an iconic product, and ground-breaking in the liquid lipstick category, because it gives glossy lips like nothing else. This is a glossy lips stain that you barely feel even when layered for added colour payoff. It’s an intensity and shine that’s highly addictive, and a gorgeous option for your next Instagram photo shoot. For a more natural shine, one coat of this lip gloss with color is all that you need.

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Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain Primary Colour Edition
Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain Primary Colour Edition
The first dual use primary colour lip base coat by YSL Beauty.

$ 49.00