Best Nude Lipstick

If you love nude lipstick, you need to know what is the best nude lipstick? From the best nude lipstick and neutral lip pencil to the best neutral lipstick, formulas like our best nude liquid lipstick and shades like nude pink lipstick and nude color lipstick will give you the perfect nude lip color.

Best Nude Lipstick
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Best Nude Lipstick


What is the best nude lipstick?

Finding the best nude lipstick for you is a true makeup goal. The perfect nude lip can carry you effortlessly from day to night, and always looks amazing. But what is the best nude lipstick? Well, it all depends on what nude color lipstick that you love most. Now, it’s time for you to find the best nude lipstick, whether that is a nude matte lipstick, our best neutral lipstick, our best nude liquid lipstick or maybe even a nude pink lipstick. Your favourite nude lip color (and matching neutral lip pencil) is waiting for you!

Let’s start with the nude color lipstick basics: a neutral lip pencil. Using a lip liner to trace the outline of the lips and lightly colouring in the lip surface will always help your best nude lipstick to stay in place. Try Dessin Des Lèvres Lip Liner #70 Le Nu. This classic neutral lip pencil defines the lip contour and lasts all day, so your best neutral lipstick always gives you the perfect nude lip. If you like a matte lipstick finish for your nude matte lipstick, the new Rouge Pur Couture Le Slim #24 Rare Rose matte lipstick is your match. This nude pink lipstick shade gives the nude lipstick look an edge with its square tip and high-fashion formula. But if you want your nude matte lipstick to come in our best nude liquid lipstick formula, nothing beats Tatouage Couture in #7 Nu Interdit lip stain. This best nude matte lipstick just does what the name suggests, and lasts as long as a tattoo (OK, not quite, but you get the picture). Best nude lipstick doesn’t always have to mean best neutral lipstick, however. If you look for a high shine finish, your best nude liquid lipstick will make a statement all on its own! Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in #412 Rose Mix liquid lipstick is such a beautiful nude lip color, and the creamy, shiny finish makes this nude pink lipstick one of our best nude lipstick shades for a special occasion.

Sometimes, the best nude lipstick is also the most classic. For the perfect nude lip and nude color lipstick, the Rouge Pur Couture in #70 Le Nu lipstick is beyond gorgeous. This nude lip color is long lasting and comes in a beautiful lipstick bullet loaded with botanical extracts to care for lips. A perfect nude lipstick should also be nourishing, like Rouge Volupté Shine in #9 Nude in Private. This spicy warm beige shade is an oil-in-a-stick, medium-coverage lipstick that offers the most innovative texture, giving you high-performance colour, irreverent shine and lip-conditioning benefits. It’s oil infused, which means it gives lips a seductive, high shine colour while still hydrating. Even better? After just four weeks of wearing this nude lipstick, lips appear healthy and more nourished, thanks to the beneficial ingredients that give off hydration, comfort, luminosity and smoothness. So the next time you reach for your best nude lipstick, remember that being in the nude has never been better!