Best Red Lipstick

For a flawless finish, try our best red lipstick. What is the best red lipstick? It can be a red matte lipstick, red lip stain, a red lip lacquer or a metallic red lipstick. What is the best red lipstick for fair skin? The best red liquid lipstick will always give you a flawless finish.

Best Red Lipstick
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Best Red Lipstick


What is the best red lipstick for fair skin?

When it comes to finding the best red lipstick, there are so many different shade variations and finishes like red matte lipstick, red lip stain, red lip lacquer, metallic red lipstick and the best red liquid lipstick. It can leave you with a lot of questions like, what is the best red lipstick for fair skin? What color lip liner for red lipstick? And, of course, what is the best red lipstick? To get a flawless finish, try some of our most classic, best red lipstick shades in our iconic formulas. These beauties will always have you looking and feeling your best, and will keep your lips feeling good, too.

Rouge Pur Couture in #1 Le Rouge red lipstick is perhaps our most iconic shade and it comes in a very classic bullet. It offers intense, pure colour in a satiny finish that’s long-wearing, and always delivers on a flawless finish. This classic shade suits any skin tone, including fair skin. Or, try it in Rouge Pur Couture in #4 Rouge Vermillon for a cool pink feel. The Rouge Pur Couture collection recently got a new addition: check out the new red matte lipstick Rouge Pur Couture The Slim in #1 Rouge Extravagant. The shade of this deep red matte lipstick is beyond, and offers a leather-inspired, highly pigmented finish that makes for a great long lasting red lipstick.

Of course, there are so many textures and finishes to choose from, especially when it comes to our best red liquid lipstick. Tatouage Couture in #1 Rouge Tatouage is almost as permanent as its name suggests, meaning that this red matte lipstick won’t budge. The red lip stain is inky, cool and edgy and always leaves a flawless finish in a classic, skin-flattering red. For a high-shine option, it doesn’t get any better than Vinyl Cream Lip Stain in #402 Rouge Remix. Our best red lip stain, it’s the first YSL Beauty stain that boasts both extreme comfort and vinyl shine. And that red lip lacquer shine in this classic red shade is so dangerous it should be illegal. To up the fierce factor even further, layer on a sparkling gloss for a metallic red lipstick finish that can be worn over our best red liquid lipstick.

What color lip liner for red lipstick?

If you think that wearing a metallic red lipstick, red lip lacquer or a red lip stain needs to feel heavy or caked on, think again. For our best red lipstick that’s ultra fresh, Rouge Volupté Shine in #45 Roug Tuxedo is such an eye-catching red that glides right on. Its lightweight, translucent finish looks just as good as it feels. Think of it as the perfect summer red on a hot day. And speaking of a hot day, to keep your lipstick lasting even longer, you’ll need to know, what color lip liner is best for red lipstick? Tracing over your entire lip with Dessin Des Lèvres Lip Liner in #1 Le Rouge will make your lip look last even longer. And that’s how you get the best red lipstick.