How To Get Plump Lips?

Want to know how to get plump lips? And how to make my lips plumper? For a lip plump and plumper, use our best matte lipstick! Try long lasting matte lipstick, matte lip stain, matte liquid lipstick in shades like metallic. You’ll have plumped-up matte lips in an instant.

How To Get Plump Lips?
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How To Get Plump Lips?


Plumped-up matte lips is the look that everyone is after. It’s a hit on Instagram and in real life. But how to get plump lips? And how to make my lips plumper? A lip plumper is the first step to getting your lip plump on. How to get plump lips? You’ll want to finish the look with your best matte lipstick. Long lasting matte lipstick can come in formulas like a matte lip stain or a matte liquid lipstick. Once you’ve picked your formula, try it out in different matte lipstick shades—plum, red, nude—and the latest, metallic matte lipstick.

How to make my lips plumper?

The right lip products will give you that lip plump look with a simple application! How to get plump lips? First start by, what else, highlighting your lips! Our Touche Éclat concealer pen is iconic for a reason. Yes, you can use it to conceal dark circles and redness but you can also use it on your way to how to get plump lips? Trace the contours of your lips with Touche Éclat to put them in their best light and you’ll get that lip plumper look in no time. The next step is to trace your lips with colour, like our Dessin Des Lèvres Lip Liner. This is where your artistic license comes in. When defining the area of your lips, feel free to push the boundaries a little bit. Your lips really will be plumper! Make sure you're your liner matches your matte lipstick shades. Once you’ve applied your best matte lipstick, you’ll want to set it and forget it so that you have plump lips for hours. The last step in any makeup routine will by a fine misting of our Top Secrets Makeup Setting Spray. When your friends see you after this application, they will be the ones asking you how to make my lips plumper?

Of course, no set of plumped-up matte lips would be complete without some long lasting matte lipstick in your favourite matte lipstick shades! This is the fun part of the lip plump process, because once you’ve set the stage for your lip plumper look, this is the icing on the cake. First, look for your ideal formula that will be your best matte lipstick formula. If you prefer a matte lip stain with a naked feel, then Tatouage Couture lip stain is for you. This matte lip stain is incredibly thin, and is so pigmented that it leaves a tattoo-like stain on lips. It’s also been launched in a metallic matte lipstick collection called Tatouage Couture The Metallics lip stain. This metallic matte lipstick has as much drama as it does staying power, so you know you’re always going to have plumped-up matte lips in this matte liquid lipstick. For a softer matte liquid lipstick look, try Baby Doll Kiss & Blush. This revolutionary matte liquid lipstick can also be used on your cheeks to bring a light flush that coordinates with your plumped-up matte lips, because we all know that consistency is key! If you like a traditional lipstick bullet, your matte lipstick prayers have been answered! Rouge Pur Couture The Slim matte lipstick is a long lasting matte lipstick that has a square tip, so you get a sharp application. Its smooth formula creates the perfect sophisticated pout. How to get plump lips? It’s simple: Highlight, line, fill and set!


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