Comment faire durer l’effet mat?

Comment faire durer l’effet mat?
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How To Keep Makeup Matte All Day?


Matte skin is always gorgeous, but having flawless skin all day long requires the help of your best matte foundation and best full coverage foundation. Want to know how to keep makeup matte all day? The matte makeup look starts with your matte makeup foundation. To get matte skin and know how to keep makeup matte all day? Look for the right foundation, like our best foundation for coverage, best long lasting foundation and best full coverage foundation. A matte makeup foundation that has full coverage and is long lasting will keep your matte makeup look from fading, so you’ll always look flawless.

For our best full coverage matte foundation, look no further than YSL’s All Hours Foundation. This is known as our best matte foundation for a reason. It delivers a flawless matte makeup look with an oil-free finish. You get full coverage with a high concentration of uniform pigments, with a matte skin finish thanks to the formula’s neo-skin powder, a super lightweight high-tech powder inspired by space science. How to keep makeup matte all day? This best foundation for coverage has 24 hours of wear, and it’s also waterproof and transfer resistant. You won’t need to worry about touch ups with this best long lasting foundation. This matte makeup foundation is also available in a new solid foundation form: All Hours Foundation Stick foundation brings the same matte finish but in a portable, buildable stick foundation formula. If you are looking for matte skin with lightweight foundation coverage, you’re going to fall for the Le Cushion Encre De Peau cushion foundation. This best matte foundation has a cooling, lightweight feel while still delivering matte coated pigments for flawless skin with an inner glow. Another best long lasting foundation is the Le Teint Encre De Peau liquid foundation, which can wear for up to 24 hours. This formula is totally revolutionary, because it is meant to feel as lightweight as a feather while offering flawless matte coverage. It also has lipo agents for sebum control, so your matte skin will stay that way.

How to apply matte makeup foundation?

A big part of knowing how to keep makeup matte all day? Includes how you apply your matte makeup foundation. Your best foundation for coverage, your best full coverage foundation and your best long lasting foundation will always look 110 percent when you follow all the right steps for application. Start by maintaining skin’s natural radiance with our Top Secrets Instant Moisture Glow moisturizer. This hydrating cream is the ideal makeup base. It gives 72 hours of hydration and creates an almost instant satin glow. Next, enhance that base with our All Hours Primer. This will always give you the matte, shine-free complexion you crave for your flawless skin. It also has a soft-focus effect to blur any unwanted texture. For maximum coverage of any dark circles or discoloration, our All Hours Concealer is a must in every matte makeup look. It’s full coverage, long wearing and has a velvet matte finish that’s perfect to wear with your best matte foundation. How to keep makeup matte all day? The answer is easy. Set your makeup with our Top Secrets Makeup Setting Spray. It enhances makeup hold by creating a protective film along the skin’s surface, so your matte makeup will last all day long.

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Teint Encre De Peau Le Cushion Collector
Édition limitée encrier fond de teint YSL

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All Hours Primer
Une perfection instantanée pour un teint zéro défaut, longue tenue et un fini mat velouté.

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Top Secrets Hydratant Éclat Instantané
Un hydratant léger qui estompe les imperfections et prépare la peau au maquillage.

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