Fond de teint liquide

Fond de teint liquide
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Liquid Foundation

What is the best liquid foundation?

Our best liquid foundation will do everything you need it to. It is foundation to cover redness, a flawless makeup foundation, waterproof foundation and a long lasting liquid foundation. It is liquid foundation for sensitive skin and liquid foundation for oily skin . In short, it’s our best foundation for flawless look.

Liquid foundation is a must-have in every makeup collection. It creates the perfect canvas for every beauty look, whether that’s a high-drama smoky eye or an au naturel fresh finish. Every makeup artist will tell you that a flawless foundation finish is the first step towards your dream look. For a full coverage liquid foundation, Encre De Peau All Hours Foundation is our best liquid foundation and is also a waterproof foundation. It has built-in shine control, making it a perfect liquid foundation for oily skin, and it is also weightless with a creamy, fluid texture. As a buildable liquid foundation, this is a great foundation to cover redness and is a long lasting liquid foundation. Another liquid foundation for sensitive skin and liquid foundation for oily skin is Le Teint Encre De Peau . This best foundation for flawless look is weightless, and wears effortlessly for natural-looking, all-day comfort. This liquid foundation allows for buildable coverage and is a long lasting liquid foundation.

Another long lasting liquid foundation, Touche Éclat Le Teint is a great liquid foundation for sensitive skin or skin that is feeling dry, perhaps because of external aggressors like wind, sun or pollution. Its full coverage means that it’s also a great foundation to cover redness, and our best foundation for flawless look. This flawless makeup foundation feels weightless on skin and has a light-reflecting formula for an effect that’s like eight hours of beauty sleep. This liquid foundation for oily skin brings the luminescence of our iconic Touche Éclat concealer pen to your entire complexion. Another stellar liquid foundation member of the Touche Éclat family is the Touche Éclat All-In-One Glow liquid foundation. This multi-tasking partner gives instantly naturally glowing skin for a flawless makeup foundation look. It’s a skin-loving, all-in-one medium coverage tinted moisturizer that evens complexion, eliminates dullness and smooths fine lines, truly a best liquid foundation that offers everything you could want.

How to put on liquid foundation with a brush?

The final step after your choose your liquid foundation is finding out how to put on liquid foundation with a brush? Start by placing a small amount of liquid foundation, it can be waterproof foundation if you like, on the back of your hand before grabbing the Touche Éclat Le Teint Brush foundation brushes. Apply to the face by brushing with a soft touch, and smooth the liquid foundation from the centre of the face outward, giving special attention to any areas you’d like to have more coverage by tapping the brush for a more concentrated dose of your best liquid foundation. Once you’ve got the hand of it, applying your liquid foundation with a brush will help you best apply your foundation to cover redness, giving you the ultimate look possible with your best liquid foundation.

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