Fond de teint peau radieuse

Fond de teint peau radieuse
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Skin Glow Foundation


Trends in makeup may come and go, but natural glowing skin is always in. Getting that natural face glow means taking care of your skin on a daily basis by properly cleansing and hydrating it, plus giving it some love with nourishing masks and treatments. It’s definitely a self-care moment! Add to that flawless finish with our best skin glow foundation and your complexion will reach its peak glow. No makeup foundation is easy to come by if you use our best dewy foundation, best luminous foundation and dewy finish foundation formulas. Get that glow foundation with a full coverage dewy foundation to give you that skin glow foundation every time.

For the ultimate in face glow foundation, direct yourself to YSL’s iconic Touche Éclat collection. This is the original in natural glowing skin, and a pioneer in dewy finish foundation and no makeup foundation, exactly the look you’re going for. They’re all infused with the magical lightness of the Touche Éclat concealer pen, which literally changed the game on how to highlight and conceal with light. Skin glow foundation can also offer you the right amount of full coverage dewy foundation. Our best skin glow foundation with coverage is the Touche Éclat Le Teint liquid foundation. This is the first awakening foundation by YSL that basically gives you eight hours of sleep in our best luminous foundation formula. This full coverage dewy foundation has translucent pigments that multi-task to give you coverage as well as radiance so you get the flawless finish of your dreams. Its weightless radiance will only enhance your natural glowing skin, and it’s a best dewy foundation when you want a little extra coverage. If you’re looking for a best skin glow foundation with benefits, Touche Éclat All-In-One Glow liquid foundation is a moisturizer and foundation all in one, making it a true no makeup foundation. Your face glow will thrive with this nourishing formula that’s filled with amazing skincare ingredients like vitamin E and ruscus extract, anti-oxidants that fight signs of fatigue (because we know how feeling tired can mess with your flawless finish). This is our best dewy foundation for natural coverage, and best luminous foundation with a cream-to-water texture. Wearing this glow foundation will actually improve the quality of your skin with its hydrating benefits. Translation: You’ll get an even better face glow. The magic of Touche Éclat is also now available in cushion foundation format, perfect for those hectic days when you’re always on the go but really want to bring that glow foundation with you. Touche Éclat Le Cushion foundation is a dewy finish foundation that’s easy to apply anywhere you go. It has golden pigments and a liquid oil that produce a reflective effect on the skin, so you get added dewiness whenever you apply it. For added radiance, you can even use this skin glow foundation as a highlighter. Simply tap the flocked side of the applicator wherever you would like to highlight — cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, the brow bones — and prepare to have the flawless finish of natural glowing skin.

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Le Cushion Encre de Peau Highlighter Fêtes 2021
Formule translucide illuminatrice. Boîtier en édition limitée.

80,00 $

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Mini Cushion Encre de Peau Illuminateur Des Fêtes 2020
Fini scintillant. Formule illuminatrice transparente. Étui d'édition limitée.

80,00 $