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Lip Balm


If you think back to your first makeup purchase, chances are it was some type of lip balm! Lip balm is one of those special items that everyone can get behind, because dry lips are very real (and very annoying). There is a best lip balm out there for everyone. You can try a lip balm with color or a lip balm with tint. There’s even a lip balm to lighten lips. For lip care lip balm, look for lip balm ingredients like lip balm with vitamin E. These will be the best lip balm for dry lips.

What is the best tinted lip balm?

YSL has perfected the art of lip balm with color. Lip care lip balm doesn’t have to mean plain, boring and clinical. You can get lip balm ingredients like lip balm with vitamin E in gorgeous formulas like lip balm with color and lip balm with tint. For our best lip balm with color, you’ve got to try the Volupté Liquid Colour Balm lip balm. You’ll be so impressed by this lip balm that offers full and radiant colour. Its breakthrough formula is full of lip balm ingredients, including shea butter, coconut water and jojoba oil. Yes, this is also a lip balm with vitamin E! It’s truly a lip care lip balm, and softens fine lines and lip texture to lock in moisture. Our Liquid Light technology will always give off a high-shine color, so you get that best lip balm with color in addition to it being a best lip balm for dry lips. Apply this lip balm with color with its precise applicator and you’ll get lasting, caring colour with dewy shine and balm comfort. Do you really need to ask, what is the best tinted lip balm?

For a more traditional lip balm like application, our best tinted lip balm is our Volupté Tint-In-Balm lip balm. This lip balm with tint is a hybrid lipstick, combining the nourishing care of a lip balm with a sheer, glowing colour. You’ll get a hint of tint that enhances your lip colour in a nourishing coat of lip balm ingredients. It’s not a lip balm to lighten lips, but will light up your lips with its beautiful shades. The unique dual formula gives your lips double the benefits in an addictive pomegranate scent. Like a lip stick, this lip balm comes in a chic bullet that has an adorable lip-shaped heart in its centre. It’s full of lip balm ingredients like apricot butter and jojoba oil, so your lips will always be nourished by these healthy ingredients that make it a best lip balm for dry lips. The outer core of the lipstick, meanwhile, is where the best tinted lip balm comes in. What is the best tinted lip balm? A lip balm to lighten lips that boasts a lasting kiss of tint with a sheer glow of colour. Whether you prefer a liquid lipstick or a solid lipstick bullet, you’ll find your best lip balm right here.