Comment enlever du rouge à lèvres?

Comment enlever du rouge à lèvres?
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How to Remove Lipstick?


How to remove lipstick stain?

Everyone wants their lipstick to stay put and be long lasting, but at the end of the day, we still need to know how to remove lipstick? And what about how to remove lipstick stain? Or how to remove liquid lipstick? Thankfully, the best lip makeup remover is just as effective as our best long lasting lipstick. How to remove lipstick? Before you can use your makeup removers, of course you’ll have to put on your favourite new lipstick. For a classic look, your first place to start should always be with our Rouge Pur Couture lipstick. Named in honour of Yves Saint Laurent’s groundbreaking work in haute couture, this highly pigmented lipstick is edgy and feminine and gives lips a luxurious, rich colour that is easily removed with a makeup remover or makeup remover balm. Rouge Pur Couture The Slim matte lipstick is the next evolution of this lipstick legacy, with a square tip that imparts a leather-matte finish that is super now. It may be long lasting, but you can remove it with a matte lipstick remover, or our best lip makeup remover that melts makeup. If a sheer look is more your thing, Rouge Volupté Shine is like a lip balm with color, and boasts hydrating ingredients to keep lips super soft and supple. How to remove lipstick? Use makeup remover or even makeup remover for sensitive skin to wash this gorgeous sheen away.

How to remove liquid lipstick?

Our best lacquer lipstick is a force to be reckoned with. Tatouage Couture lip stain gives a tattoo-like finish for up to eight hours and you can use waterproof lipstick remover or try a makeup remover that melts makeup. Vinyl Cream Lip Stain lip stain is super glossy and long lasting, but you can remove it easily with a makeup remover balm.

Our best makeup remover balm is hands down the Top Secret Universal Makeup Remover Melting Balm-In-Oil makeup remover. A makeup remover that melts makeup, this ultra-sensory makeup remover transforms into three successive phases to gently remove even the most long-lasting lip makeup without a greasy feel, and is a makeup remover for sensitive skin. Made of a 98 percent concentration of makeup remover agents combined with shea butter, it is a waterproof lipstick remover and a fabulous makeup remover balm, putting it at the top of our best lip makeup remover category. How to remove lipstick? To use this makeup remover, simply massage it over dry skin with your fingertips until the balm transforms into oil, apply a bit of warm water so that it becomes a lotion and then rinse it off. Easy! Another formula of makeup remover for sensitive skin and makeup remover that melts makeup is the Top Secrets Expert Makeup Remover Gentle Biphase makeup remover. This fluid formula can be applied with a cotton pad, and takes away lip makeup in a single, gentle swipe. Just shake the bottle first and then you will have a makeup remover that melts makeup and is a matte lipstick remover and a waterproof lipstick remover. To keep lips nourished after using your makeup remover, be sure to apply the Top Secrets Lip Perfector lip balm. This lip balm will gently soften and care for lips and helps to enhance the look of your natural lip color.

Top Secrets Démaquillant Expert Bi-Phase Doux
Le démaquillant biphasé expert yeux & lèvres par ysl qui élimine tous types de maquillage, même waterproof et longue durée.

42,00 $

Top Secrets Baume Lèvres Perfecteur
Yves Saint Laurent révèle son « Top Secret » pour sublimer les lèvres, un baume perfecteur qui
1. Nourrit et répare les lèvres sèches, pour un confort ultime toute la journée.
2. Lisse en douceur et jour après jour les lèvres, qui se font douces et veloutées.
3. Sublime la couleur naturelle des lèvres pour les habiller’un éclat sur-mesure.
Bénéfices : Baume à lèvres 3-en-1 nourrit, exfolie en douceur jour après jour, et sublime la couleur des lèvres.

42,00 $