Comment mettre du rouge à lèvres?

Comment mettre du rouge à lèvres?
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How to Apply Lipstick?


Want to know how to apply lipstick? The top lip makeup tip out there is to master your application technique, because no lipstick is going to pop if it’s not on right. Getting that flawless finish starts with how you care for your lips. Regularly using our Top Secrets Lip Perfector will hydrate and prime lips before you put on your liquid lipstick, matte lipstick, lip stain, long lasting lipstick or full coverage lipstick. Looking for something in between? For medium coverage lip colour that moisturizes and protects lips like a lip balm, try our Volupté Liquid Colour Balm. One more lip makeup tip? Before applying your lipstick, be sure to cleanse lips of any product residue or flakey skin. Soon you'll know exactly how to apply lipstick?

Each of YSL Beauty’s lips products has its own application technique and applicator designed especially for that formula, making it easy to get that flawless finish. For an unmistakably matte lipstick finish, Tatouage Couture matte lipstick has a high precision applicator. Apply one coat to the centre of the lips, brush towards the outer corners and then reverse the movement. This applicator of this long lasting lipstick has a tip on one end for high precision areas. Another gorgeous liquid lipstick that’s easy to apply is the Vinyl Cream Lip Stain. The diamond-cut applicator of this lip stain is incredibly precise and offers full coverage of this liquid lipstick at the first stroke. The Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain, meanwhile, has a flexible spatula applicator with slanted tip and short, soft bristles that make for precise application and layering. The best part about this formula is that it is part lip stain, part lip gloss and part full coverage lipstick. How to apply lipstick? It truly offers the best of everything in one long lasting lipstick.

One lip makeup tip that will ensure you always nail your application technique is to use your best lip liner, like our Dessin Des Lèvres Lip Liner. For a flawless finish, start by lining the lips with one of our best lip liner pencils. You can also define the skin around the lips with the iconic Touche Éclat. Trace this illuminating pen around the contour of the lips. It instantly adds radiance and is a true multi-tasker you’ll want to keep close at hand. The best lip liner always pairs perfectly with a classic lipstick, like Rouge Pur Couture. Known as “the rouge that dresses me” for its long-time fashion inspiration, this long lasting lipstick is also a full coverage lipstick, and you can apply it directly from the stick beginning at the centre of the lips and moving towards the outer corners, blending lightly and repeating. If you prefer, you can also use a lip brush to get that flawless finish. Looking for a new way of how to apply lipstick? Rouge Pur Couture The Slim has a square tip that makes applying this lipstick so simple. After tracing the outer areas of the top and bottom lips, use the flat top of the bullet to fill in the centre of the lower lip by working it back and forth. You can also use this matte lipstick with your best lip liner.

Top Secrets Baume Lèvres Perfecteur
Yves Saint Laurent révèle son « Top Secret » pour sublimer les lèvres, un baume perfecteur qui
1. Nourrit et répare les lèvres sèches, pour un confort ultime toute la journée.
2. Lisse en douceur et jour après jour les lèvres, qui se font douces et veloutées.
3. Sublime la couleur naturelle des lèvres pour les habiller’un éclat sur-mesure.
Bénéfices : Baume à lèvres 3-en-1 nourrit, exfolie en douceur jour après jour, et sublime la couleur des lèvres.

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