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Best Long Lasting Matte Lipstick


What is the best long lasting matte lipstick?

Our best matte lipstick is even better than ever because it is also our best long lasting matte lipstick. Try it in matte lip stain or matte liquid lipstick. It comes in so many great matte lipstick shades like nude matte lipstick, red matte lipstick and yes, even metallic matte lipstick. Our best long lasting matte lipstick is definitely non-drying matte lipstick, and it’s also a wonderful matte lipstick for dry lips, perfect for winter.

What is the best long lasting matte lipstick? Our best matte lipstick is available in several of our most iconic lipstick formulas. They’re seriously covetable. New to the matte crew of lipstick is our Rouge Pur Couture The Slim matte lipstick. It offers pure, pigmented and intense colour with a creamy casual feel in a fashion-inspired matte finish unlike any other. Try this non-drying matte lipstick in all of the latest matte lipstick shades like nude matte lipstick and metallic matte lipstick. What is the best long lasting matte lipstick? You’re about to find out. Red matte lipstick is perfect for all lip types because it is non-drying matte lipstick and matte lipstick for dry lips. To kiss your cheeks and blush your lips in a gorgeous matte lip stain, you’re going to literally fall in love with Baby Doll Kiss & Blush. This best matte lipstick has a soft matte finish that has a buildable texture and unbelievable results. This dual-use staple means you will always be ready with the latest matte liquid lipstick at hand.

Matte lip stain is a one of the best long lasting matte lipstick styles out there. Our top version? Tatouage Couture lip stain is like a tattoo for the lips. It’s the only high pigmented matte lipstick shades with a naked lip feel. This matte liquid lipstick is also a great matte lipstick for dry lips, because it delivers an incredibly thin layer of coverage that’s like a film. Available in nude matte lipstick and red matte lipstick, Tatouage Couture is one of those best matte lipstick formulas that you can wear and totally forget about. It is what you turn to in any situation where you want to rely on your matte lipstick being the best long lasting matte lipstick it can be. This matte lipstick formula goes to the next level in Tatouage Couture The Metallics lip stain. Metallic lips are the ideal statement maker for when you’re looking to make a bold, lasting impression. This metallic matte lipstick gives you the same naked lip feel you know and love from Tatouage Couture but with a metallic matte lipstick finish that’s ready for life’s biggest moments. To apply this unique matte lip stain, use the exclusive applicator to apply one coat to the centre of the lips before brushing towards the outer corners. Next, repeat the movement in reverse. The major benefits are a high pigmentation matte stain with eight hours of long wear and that irresistible naked lip feel. Yes, please!