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Lacquer Lipstick


What is lip lacquer?

Want to know how to use lip lacquer? Or a lacquer stain? There are some high shine lipstick and long lasting lip lacquer options out there that are so flawless, it’s hard to believe they’re real. What is lip lacquer? That is the answer! It’s that perfectly intense high shine lacquer lip gloss that you wear when you’re feeling fierce and ready for anything. It can be dark and mysterious or playful and fun—whatever your mood! And lacquer lipstick is perfect for any occasion, whether you are out for an evening of fun with your nearest and dearest or have a date with someone you’ve been crushing on. It’s a statement making lipstick that always makes a strong impression, and you can take your pick between lip lacquer vs lip tint.

What is the best lip lacquer?

Some of our top high-performing products for lips are also our best lacquer lipstick. With all those famous beauty debates, like lip lacquer vs lip stain or lip lacquer vs lip tint, you’ll need to keep in mind that YSL makes stunning, long lasting lip lacquer formulas that are a hybrid of all lacquer lipstick styles, so you don’t even need to choose just one! But make sure that if you do, it is a red lip lacquer. Red lip lacquer is the stuff of legends. If you think about your favourite Old Hollywood movies or fashion photography, chances are there’s an incredibly gorgeous red lip lacquer there.

Consider Vinyl Cream Lip Stain lip stain, which will settle the lip lacquer vs lip stain debate once and for all. This is the first YSL long stain lacquer lipstick offering extreme comfort and vinyl shine. It’s also the only range of lacquer lipstick to have 16 vinylized colours made with pure, powerful pigments. Its slimline applicator was inspired by a diamond cut to draw the perfect lip. Sounds like a gorgeous lacquer lip gloss, right? To apply this never-seen-before shine, use the exclusive applicator to apply one coat on the centre of the lips and brush towards the outer corners. Then reverse the movement. Be sure to make use of the pointed tip, which was specially designed for high precision. The Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain lip stain is part lacquer lip gloss and part lip stain, so you can find the answer of lip lacquer vs lip stain, or even lip lacquer vs lip tint. It is the first glossy lip stain by YSL, and it is so unique because it combines the intensity of a lacquer lipstick with the shine of a lacquer lip gloss and the long wear of a lacquer stain. It fuses with your lips and is the best lightweight, glossy colour by YSL.

How to use lip lacquer?

Want to know how to use a lip lacquer? Finding this out is easy. First, you must care for your lips with a lip balm so that they are always soft and supple with a smooth, even surface. Wearing a nourishing lip balm is something that you should make a point of doing often, as protecting and caring for your lips will make all of your lip lacquer, lacquer lip gloss, lacquer stain and long lasting lip lacquer look their best.