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Lip Gloss


The best lip gloss is a must have for everyone, and it’s here to stay.

What is the best lip gloss?

And are you wondering how to choose lip gloss color? And how to keep lip gloss on longer? For long lasting lip gloss, you have so many different options to choose from. You can find liquid lipstick with gloss or lip gloss with color like pink lip gloss. You can find sparkly lip gloss, or even lip gloss without shimmer. What is the best lip gloss? No matter what your style, there is a YSL lip gloss for you!

For a truly classic lip gloss in the purest sense of the word, you’ve got to try our Volupté Liquid Colour Balm lip gloss. This is the first liquid full colour balm by YSL that cares for lips like no other. It’s the only lip balm style gloss that makes your lips feel lusher and more full. It’s infused with natural coconut water and active ingredients to give you lips the best lip gloss care in one long lasting lip gloss. The lip gloss with color is available in several pink lip gloss shades for a dewy shine. Consider it almost like a liquid lipstick with gloss. While it does have shine, it is not a sparkly lip gloss, more of a lip gloss without shimmer.

How to choose lip gloss color?

Once you find out what is the best lip gloss? Then you can answer the first question! For a lip gloss without shimmer, try our Vernis À Lèvres Glossy Stain lip gloss. This long lasting liquid lipstick with gloss will show you just how to keep lip gloss on longer? It’s a true hybrid product, and brings together the best of lip gloss, lipstick and lip stain into one beautiful long lasting lip gloss. You really can have it all with this best lip gloss!

How to choose lip gloss color?

Try swiping this best lip gloss onto your inner arm to get a good read of how it will really look on your face. And how to keep lip gloss on longer? Well, start by choosing a long lasting lip gloss formula! One of our best lip gloss is Vinyl Cream Lip Stain lip gloss. It may not be a super sparkly lip gloss, but it has the most unbelievably powerful vinylized shine. This lip gloss with color comes in many pink lip gloss shades, from bright pink like fuchsia to rosy pinks. But if you really want to keep lip gloss on longer? Pay attention to your application technique. Keep lips hydrated when you’re not wearing lip gloss by using a nourishing lip balm, and when you apply your best lip gloss, use the applicator to its full potential. For example, the Vinyl Cream Lip Stain lip gloss has a diamond-cut applicator for the ultimate precision. Applying you lip gloss with a specially-designed applicator for its formula meant that your lip gloss will be even every time. Now it’s time to gloss up!