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What is the best lipstick?

To make a bold beauty statement, no look is complete without lipstick. Whether red lipstick, nude lipstick or pink, coral and purple lipstick colors in a flawless finish, this little bullet has positively transformational abilities. With our best lip stain, liquid lipstick and even our best long lasting lipstick (a must have), there’s a finish for every style, whether you prefer a finish that offers a high shine or a deep matte lipstick.

For the most classic lipstick there is, look no further than Rouge Pur Couture lipstick. This formula is truly what lipstick dreams were made of, and when you're wearing it, you'll feel ready for anything. With a flawless finish and available in our widest variety of lipstick colors, Rouge Pur Couture offers the ultimate in red lipstick and nude lipstick. If shine is what you’re after, nothing has more shine in our collection than the Vinyl Cream Lip Stain, our best lip stain. This easy-to-apply liquid lipstick is as glossy as a vinyl record, making it perfect for a night of rock ’n roll. It is so fiercely slick and has pointed applicator that was inspired by a diamond cut, and nothing is more glamorous and chic than diamonds. If you’re in the mood for lipstick that has a flawless finish in beautiful lipstick colors, the Rouge Volupté Shine will be your go-to. Made with nourishing, hydrating ingredients like botanical oils, pomegranate-extract and macadamia butter, it will illuminate lips for immediate pleasure. Its beautiful lipstick colors will melt right onto your mouth for a lit-from-within finish, that easy, natural, kissable glow we all know and love.

Our newest lipstick addition is none other than the gorgeous Rouge Pur Couture The Slim. With its slim pocket fit and couture look meets casual feel, this new matte lipstick is one of our best long lasting lipstick formulas yet. It comes in 24 lipstick colours handpicked by the legendary runway makeup artist and YSL Beauty's Global Beauty Director Tom Pecheux, including red lipstick, nude lipstick and rich corals, all in a leather-like matte lipstick finish. If you love that on-trend matte lipstick look but prefer a liquid lipstick formula, Tatouage Couture liquid lipstick is for you. Our best lip stain in a matte finish, it only requires one coat for a flawless finish in a gang of stunning shades and lipstick colors.

For our best long lasting lipstick formulas, try a new liquid lipstick that goes on like silk and stays put all day. If you are looking for a fun, fast and easy way to change up your beauty look, a new lipstick is your answer. Try experimenting with different shades that match your skin tone and convey your mood. There is always the best lipstick for every occasion, like a soft pink for a wedding or a vampy red for evening. Whichever lipstick color you prefer, red lipstick, nude lipstick, or maybe a fancy fuchsia, our best long lasting lipstick options are all right here.

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